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Project Olympus: Demeter

As already announced I’m working on the biggest hardware project I’ve ever done: Project Olympus. Now I’m sharing my experience with the first component of this project. Here comes Demeter!


Demeter is the goddess of the harvest and giver of food and grain. She can be described as a trinity in the manifestations of virgin, mother and old woman.

At Project Olympus, Demeter is the giver of all my data and a trinity in the manifestations of NAS (network-attached storage), media center and cloud.


Hardwarewise, I use a HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 G1610T with a system SSD from Samsung, some 4TB HDDs from WD and 16GB RAM by Kingston. To operate the server I hooked it up to my TV and use a small wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad from Rapoo. Easy to use and perfect for my needs.

On the software side, I installed OpenMediaVault. It’s a great NAS operating system and has a lot of different plugins. I’m also using Plex Media Server and ownCloud to stream media and other data an all of my end devices.


A good scenario to show this setup in action is the consumption of media. With Demeter I can watch a movie on my television, which is stored locally on the server. When I need to change the room, I pause the movie on the television and resume it on my tablet. I can also create documents on my laptop and edit them on my phone - whether I am at home or at the go. All of my devices now have access to all of my data.

That’s Demeter and that’s her power. Want to know more or share some experiences with me? Just write in the comments or message me on Google+!

+Dominik Rosenauer

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Preview: Project Olympus

The home of Gods is my home!

I’ve spent the last several weeks for researching on home networks, home servers, home automation etc. and how to do it. It started all with the wish for a central hub for my movies and is now going to be the biggest hardware project I’ve ever done. Let me introduce Project Olympus!

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Google vs. Microsoft

Choosing my ecosystem religion

Some time ago I posted my story about my attempted switch from Google to Microsoft. You can find it here. Now it’s time for a decision!

I’ve been awaiting the developer conferences of both, Microsoft and Google, to see what I can expect for the future. After Microsoft’s Build conference I’ve been very excited about WP 8.1 and Cortana. Yet, Google’s I/O reminded me of what I loved about Google and especially Android in the first place. So, which one, Google or Microsoft, fits me best? I broke it down into these points:
  1. Mobile
  2. Product line-up
  3. Environment integration
  4. Future expectations
  5. Conclusion


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